Public Life: 



  1. EvAngel Mama Dee: a writer, advocate, and Spokesperson for YHWH Nation of Obedience through which we worked together on the Million Man March.  She presented a resolution to the City Council of Chicago that officially registered the event with the city for the purpose of “renew the covenant with our Creator”.  She also appeared as a guest on my television show “Reparations Now”.



  1. Dorothy Tillman: Alderman of the City Council of Chicago that urged Congress to consider a slave reparations bill (Chicago City Council Resolution on Reparations).  She forced the debate at a City Council meeting on April 26th of 2000, where I presented a proposal for reparations and repatriation to the city council to settle the issue with over 200 supporters. (read Associate Press Article) 



  1. Dr. Conrad W. Worrill: a writer, and National Chairman for the National Black United Front.  His organization (NBUF) formed an alliance with the December 12th Movement at the United Nations World Conference Against Racism in Durban, South Africa (August 31 to September 7, 2001) that I also attended.



  1. Dr. Leonard Jefferies: a very well known spokesman for the issue of repatriation where we both spoke at the National Reparations Convention in agreement with reparations and repatriation.






  1. Professor Matshaya E.R. Mativha: President of the Lemba Cultural Association and I met, when I attended the United Nations World Conference in Aug & Sept of 2001 in South Africa, a high priest of our people, the late Elder M.E.R. Mativha and I, discussed the issues of repatriation of people to the land of Israel.  Elder Mativha said he would personally address this issue with the Israelis in his negotiations with them.  So I made that day, 9/4/01, a covenant with Elder Mativha that represented the Lemba Cultural Association, on behalf of our people.









  1. Rabbi Adonah: One of the head Rabbis of our Ethiopian brothers in Israel who I (as the official representative of the Yisraelite Organization of Unity in Israel) successfully opened of a line of communication with, for the purpose of repatriation.  (video available for sale of Head Rabbi meeting)








  1. Rabbi Daniel: the Head Ebo Rabbi in Israel.  I confirmed with him the covenant made by Martin Robinson Delaney in 1836 with our Ebo brothers that I visited in 1988 where I received this plaque of welcome from them for the purpose of repatriation.  So here I presented Rabbi Daniel with this plaque of brotherhood. (video available for sale of Head Rabbi meeting)





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